Dominick Andrews

Name:        Dominick Andrews

Alias:        Enigma

Age:            26

Ethnicity:    Caucasian

Height:        5'8”

Weight:        165lbs

Build:        Average

Background and Personality:

Originally, twins boys while gestating in their mother's womb one of the twins (now know as Evan) was absorbed by the other.

Dominick, was born and had a normal childhood but even as a child he could never shake the feeling he was being watched. When he was 7 he told his mother about the feeling, his parents told him the truth about his sibling.  His mother would often reassure him by telling him it was his brother watching over him. Little did they know how close to the truth they were?

Years later he inherits the family business, Andrews Toys, after his parents passing.  Returning from a social event he is involved in an auto accident which inadvertently releases a swarm of experimental mosquitoes. His life is flipped upside down as he is bitten by hundreds of them which infect him with an unknown virus.  He undergoes a transformation, which results in Evan’s birth as a fully grown man.  Unsure of what has occurred Evan steals some clothes and flees the scene, leaving Dominick unconscious.

Enigma is an emphatic hero. His entire life is about being a hero and bringing justice.