Evan Andrews

Name:        Evan Andrews

Alias:          Enigma

Age:            26

Ethnicity:    Caucasian

Height:        6’6”

Weight:       200lbs

Build:          Muscular

Background and Personality:

Originally, twins boys while gestating in their mother's womb one of the twins (now know as Evan) was absorbed by the other.

He witnessed life through the eyes of his brother, Dominick, as if watching TV, until one fateful night when Dominick was involved in an accident. He undergoes a transformation, which results in Evan’s birth as a fully grown man.  Unsure of what has occurred Evan steals some clothes and flees the scene, leaving Dominick unconscious. 

Where Dominick has had time to grow up and learn to adjust to the pressures of life, Evan has not.  His only connection with the world are glimpses of what he has seen through Dominick’s eyes, and although he has all the knowledge that Dominick has attained, he finds it difficult to deal with his personal emotions.  As he learns to adjust he easily becomes frustrated and is quick to anger. Evan is a gentle soul at heart and cares deeply for the welfare of others and shares Dominick’s moral philosophy of personal accountability and social justice. 

When either man witnesses injustice they are unwittingly drawn to each other and when they touch they combine to become the entity only known as Enigma.