James Givens

Name:                  James Givens

Alias:                    None

Age:                      45

Ethnicity:            Caucasian

Height:                 6'8"

Weight:               215lbs

Build:                   Athletic

Background and Personality:

James Givens, a decorated soldier, a lifer as some of his senior officers would describe him, an idealist, a man with noble principles and deep regrets. Choosing to leave service after his entire team was killed during a mission and Exonerated of any negligence, he prepared for his new civilian life.  He was approached By Micheal Swaj and offered a position as his Security Consultant.

While involved in a military future soldier Enhancement Project James had been briefly introduced to Swaj, who Had Been the senior Project Manager. Believing he was a man in pursuit of high goals and respecting how he had treated each recruit both personally and professionally, James accepted the position and became a friend and trusted member of Swaj's inner circle.

When his Viral abilities manifested he was tasked to run a special team of Virals that would protect the public and mediate the co-existence of Virals and humans.

After recent events he becomes aware of Swaj’s  less acceptable ventures and begins questioning if he truly knew Swaj at all. However, he works
through his concerns, believing he can convince his friend there is a better way.

Viral Characteristics:

Givens has the ability to fly and freeze water molecules around him. This gives him various options from freezing items to shooting ice. Though he can use these abilities without any support, he often uses a pair of batons to "focus" his powers.