Kevin Turner

Name:                  Kevin Turner

Alias:                    None

Age:                      25

Ethnicity:            African American

Height:                 Normal:  6'10"

                              Armored: 7'3"

Weight:               Normal: 230lbs

                              Armored: Unknown

Build:                   Muscular

Background and Personality:

Kevin grew up with loving parents who did the best they could for him in the times they lived in. They didn't own much and shared what they could with others. Even with this upbringing, he doesn't trust very easily, and has a very pessimistic outlook on things. When someone finally earns his trust he is very loyal and willing to put his life on the line for them.  He and Nathan lived very close to one another and have been friends from an early age. This friendship brings Kevin balance when he needs it, showing him the good side of a person or situation when Kevin might only see the bad. When called to do so, he is much more willing to do bad things for good reasons without always weighing the consequences.

Viral Characteristics:

When armored Kevin is extremely strong, and the armor protects him from a multitude of external forces. He cannot be hurt by most weaponry, though high powered ballistic and explosives can stagger and even daze him. His entire body is able to withstand temperatures that a normal human cannot. Though his armor is unaffected by extremely high and low temperatures his internal organs remain affected.