Paul Jacobs


Name:                  Paul Jacobs

Alias:                    Lightning

Age:                      14

Ethnicity:            Caucasian

Height:                 5'7"

Weight:               125 lbs

Build:                   Average

Background and Personality:

Paul was a member of a street gang when they attempted to mug Kevin and Nathan.  Kevin, a viral, armored up and scared off the rest of the gang.  Paul stood up to him, earning his respect.   Paul wouldn't quit and Kevin, unintentionally, knocked him unconscious.  When Paul woke up he had been brought to the Church.  After several discussions with Reverend and several of the other people at the Church, he decided to stay.  He has learned much about patience and acceptance from the people at the Church, especially Nathan, who has become somewhat of a mentor to him.

Viral Characteristics:

Paul has the viral ability to build almost anything he can think of.   The more he thinks about something the harder it is for him to build.  He can quickly build an explosive "grenade" out of gun parts in the heat of battle, but the backpack and "gauntlets" took him months.  The gauntlets work by creating a force field around themselves allowing Paul to direct more force into a punch by protecting his hands from the damage that would normally accompany the punch.  The force field also protects his hands from penetrating and primary blunt force injuries such as bruising and external lacerations and helps decrease the internal damage that can be caused by blunt force.  For example, if hit in the face, he wouldn't suffer a broken nose, but the force of the blow still may be enough to cause a concussion.