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Welcome to Stratum Comics


In the 90’s Mark and Vince began working on a comic book.

The comic book was initially known as the New Centurions as an ode to the Roman troops. We wrote the first issue starting from the middle utilizing some flashbacks to give glimpses of the characters before getting to that point in the story.

Years later, I looked at what Vince and I had written so long before and decided to come at the story in a different way. Instead of writing a comic script, I wrote a movie script. As the story unfolded, that original title just didn’t feel right. I began to see how almost every aspect of the world and characters we had created could be thought of as a threat. Wow, what a great title. THE THREAT.

Great stories eventually take on a life of their own. revealing themselves to the author; and that’s exactly what happened with The Threat. The characters and the world helped me tell the story. Unfortunately, I couldn’t always hear them and would consult with Vince on ideas and scenes.

After reading my entire first draft Vince saw an opportunity to bring some realism into a genre that had mostly been ruled by characters thought up in the 30’s and 40’s. Vince began heavy research into the science behind genetic mutations and evolution. I, on the other hand, began more research into the structure and storytelling aspects of comics. Together we began to interject what we had learned into the scripts and create a world at least theoretically possible. With each issue we learn more about how to tell a story through the medium of a comic book which helps us make the next issue even better.

Stratum Comics was started in 2010 as a way for us to release The Threat. With our first issue printed we began exhibiting at comic book conventions in Texas. Stratum Comics has since grown into a way for me to help creators by both publishing their works and helping them self-publish.

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