Issue 3


An unsettling Story

Dominick, plagued by surreal and disturbing visions since the accident, is mysteriously drawn to a confrontation with Evan who seems familiar, but he knows he’s never met before. The encounter leads to the appearance of an entity that will forever change their lives.

Desperate Measures

Meanwhile, after a breakthrough in his research, Nathan, goes against the advice of his friends and seeks assistance from Michael Swaj. His actions may unleash devastating consequences upon the entire city.

Judge, Jury, and Executioner

Who is the new vigilante in town and what does his presence mean for the people of Houston? Is it a strong moral conviction that drives his actions or something else? He is unsympathetic towards those who commit acts of remorseless violence and leads the city to question if he is a hero or a THREAT.

“There have always been species that live while others die. Survival depends on how they manage resources available to them. Nature compensates by allowing growth through adaptation. Due to environmental pressure over time species make trade offs to compensate for these THREATS. However, given a rapid enough change some of these genetic traits can quickly become a disadvantage. Insects for example, because of the rapide life cycle quickly adapt to environmental demands. Some choose flight, sacrificing some of the protective armor an earth-bound insect would have. This form of genetic cost analysis is not done by a human. we choose to change the environment instead of altering ourselves and in doing so remove our connection with nature.” - Michael Swaj.