Name:                  Dominick and Evan Andrews

Alias:                    Enigma

Age:                      26

Ethnicity:            Caucasian

Height:                 5’6”

Weight:               165lbs

Build:                   Muscular

Background and Personality:

Dubbed Enigma by the media because of the reports of his strange appearance and seemingly deranged personality, Enigma is an emphatic hero.  His entire life is about being a hero and bringing justice. He is the combination of Dominick and Evan’s personalities which can often conflict with each other. This can often seem like Enigma is arguing with himself or speaking incomprehensibly as the two personalities fight for control of a situation.

Many of his actions can be considered too harsh. This is due to Evan’s personality being quick to action and overly aggressive. Dominick must teach Evan how his actions affect the world around him. As time passes Enigma becomes more balanced and many of the struggles become internal and both learn to not outwardly display any conflict.

Viral Characteristic:

Enigma is very agile, giving him a superior fighting ability. He is able to "wall crawl" by bonding the molecules of his hands and feet to the object he is crawling on. He also has the ability to teleport through molecule transfer. By creating a field around himself he does a molecule for molecule swap from his current location to the target location. The field size he creates can vary depending on his circumstances and the desired mass he wants to transport with him.  He is never able to only transport himself as the field he creates can only be reduced to as small as millimeters around his body, or can be large enough to transport himself and several other people.  When creating a larger field for teleporting the field is created as a sphere with him at the center. Every molecule within his teleportation field at his current location is swapped with every molecule at his target location.  For example, if his field envelops a portion of a brick wall at his current location, that portion of the brick wall will be at the target location with him, if the resulting field at the target location envelops a portion of a dumpster, that portion of the dumpster will be at his original location.  When under stress or injured, Enigma has less control over his teleport field it may unintentionally expand.