Our Creators


Mark is the owner of Stratum Comics and a Co-Creator/Co-Writer and Letterer for The Threat.  He loves the creativity that comes with being in the comic book industry and hopes that people enjoy reading the title.  He also enjoys the experience that comes with traveling to comic cons and the comradery that goes with it.  Mark works with each creator to help guide their creative process and understand the laws around intellectual properties.

Vince Chuter

Vince is one of the original Co-Owners of Stratum Comics and is a Co-Creator/Co-Writer and Co-Letterer for The Threat as well as original concept and character designers.  A graduate from the Art Institute of Houston his love for art, creativity and the narrative process is a passion, while his appreciation of literature, science and history are the springs he often takes inspiration from.  Comics in some ways have always been a part of his life, having owned and managed several comic stores.  He loves the exchange of ideas that comes with being a part of this industry but would like to see it open up more to independents creators. His idea for Stratum was not only to provide a venue for introducing The Threat to audiences but to help individual creators over come many of the obstacles related to breaking into the industry. This is an idea Mark continues to strive for as he continues to build Stratum Comics as a brand.


Italian comic artist & illustrator, Francesco Tomaselli was born in Rome on 24/06/1987.

After the academy he deepens his artistic studies at the "Roman School of Comics" and at the "International School of Comics".

After these several years of training he began his career in Italy, working as illustrator for the book "SUBSTANTIA" of Simone Pinna (Eremon publishing). In 2015 he began working in foreign publishing with Bob Salley, the writer of SHELTER DIVISION, comic that is all done by Francesco, with pencils, inks and colors, claiming him as well as complete artist.

Currently he works with Bob Salley for the Source Point Press, on Shelter Division, and with Kid comics pubishing on “BLACK JACKETS”.  and as illustrator for the video game site TOPGAMER.IT.

William Anderson

William Anderson is a Scottish freelance artist, designer, and colorist raised on cult 80's horror films and comic books, and is inspired by the darker corners of life and the planet we call Earth. He strives for perfection in all of his work, entwining it with a unique edge built on imagination, determination, and risk. He has worked on numerous projects producing comic books, posters, t-shirts, tattoos and character studies for the likes of Stan Lee's POW! Entertainment, Lou Ferigno, Arcana Comics, Stratum Comics, Overground Comics, Asylum Studios, Virus Vodka, Dethrone Royalty and many others. He has teamed with amazing artists such as Chris Oz Fulton, Michael Champion, Matt Weldon, Jon Hughes, Rudy Vasquez, and Jose Fernandez ( to name but a few) to produce exclusive prints for conventions, celebrities, and his own personal sets.

Jose Fernandez

Jose Fernandez is an up and coming comic book artist who has been published by Stratum Comics as the penciler and inker for their comic book, The Threat Issue 1 Reboot. He is a penciler, inker, and colorist who has also collaborated with a wide range of artists in creating fun and imaginative pieces. Jose Fernandez is a fan of everything from comic books, to anime, to 80's cartoons and they have all played a part in influencing his unique and animated style.

Mostafa Moussa

Mostafa Moussa always loved drawing as a kid, way more than studying at least. After graduation, he thought he may as well try it as a career, so he hopped on a plane and went to every Convention and talked to every editor that he could. He was able to get work right away, and has never looked back. During his career he's worked with Marvel, Image, IDW, Dark Horse, Hasbro, Mirage Studios, Devil's Due, Big Dog Ink, Stratum Comics, Penny Farthing Productions, Overground Comics, and many, many others. He currently resides in Houston, Texas.