Why not self publish? 

The biggest reason to submit to any publisher is to reduce your burden of trying to market and sell your books and allow you more freedom to create. Publishers will have a larger capacity to advertise and a larger base of consumers and retailers to sell to. 

So why Stratum and not another publisher?

Sure you could go with larger publishers. Hell we even tried to submit our comic The Threat to Image and other publishers.  The truth is that you have about a 20% chance of even getting a response from those guys.  This doesn't mean that you don't  have a great book, it just means they are slammed with submissions from hundreds of other creators including people with a HUGE fan base that they know will sell a certain number of books with very little effort on the publishers part. This means the little guys like us are lucky if anyone in the company even looks at our submissions if the names aren't recognizable.

Stratum will always look at your submission, while we can't promise a response, we do promise we've looked at what you've sent us. We will try to respond to everyone, but if we like it we'll be in touch.

What will Stratum do for you?

We have experience in setting up books so we can give you exact information on what to do from the beginning to make it easier on you to have a solid product that will look good when printed or digitally. We have a world wide fan base, who will know about your books as soon as you sign on. We'll do the leg work of getting your book into Comixology and other digital formats. We'll send out a newsletter to our subscription lists which includes retailers, reviewers, and fans. We'll put it in our online store so people can order directly from us. We'll submit it to Diamond for you and handle all of the details for any orders that come from Diamond or direct from retailers. We'll also deal with the printing companies, placing orders and directing shipments.  We'll take care of all of this so you don't have to do it.

If you would like to be a part of Stratum Comics we have an open submissions policy. We do not have a way of matching up creative teams. However if you would like to be included on our list of creators please email and include a link to your portfolio (both art and writing) and how you would like other creators to contact you. Please note that not every submission will be included on the page.

Please include the following information in your submission.

  • An introduction and list of credentials for each person on the creative team.
  • A log line - a one line description of your title that would grab a reader and get the interested in hearing more.
  • A one page synopsis of the title.
  • Is this a one-shot, graphic, novel, a mini-series, or on-going series?
  • A list of the genres you feel that your title fits in.
  • Your thoughts on pricing.
  • Your goals for the title (where do you expect to see the title distributed to)
  • A link to high resolution files of a few pages of the title (DO NOT INCLUDE FILES IN YOUR EMAIL)
  • A link to a low resolution file of the completed book (this must be at least the first issue if the title is an on-going series. (DO NOT INCLUDE FILES IN YOUR EMAIL)
  • If this is going to have multiple issues, how many do you have completed? What is your planned release schedule for the title? What is your planned production schedule for the title? (We want to see the project plan and know you have it mapped out well enough to produce the book based on your planned release schedule).

Email the above information to You may include the information in a word document or in the body of the email.


The Stratum Comics Team.