Marla Latimer

Name:                  Marla Latimer

Alias:                    None

Age:                      22

Ethnicity:            Hispanic

Height:                 5'5"

Weight:               115 lbs

Build:                   Average

Background and Personality:

Marla has had a rough life. She worked as an assistant at Anitec and was sexually assaulted by her boss. This caused her viral ability to manifest. Not wanting to return to work she was forced to make a living on the streets, often selling herself. One day she was approached by Nathan who invited her back to the Church where she found a place to belong. She is very well liked there and has started building a meaningful relationship with Nathan and become a mother figure to Wendy. She is often told she is beautiful, though she doesn't flaunt her looks. She is also not someone to take crap from people, but can open up and be lighthearted when she wants.

Viral Characteristics:

Marla has the viral ability to cause someone to experience their worst fear. Marla can be a part of the hallucination, but others around them are not. This ability is so powerful it can cause the victim to die from fear.