Name:                  Tim Calhoun

Alias:                    Sandblast

Age:                      27

Ethnicity:            Caucasian

Height:                 6’7”

Weight:               235 lbs

Build:                   Fit, but not overly muscular looking.

Background and Personality:

Terry is cocky and has an issue with authority in most cases.  His first appearance has him lackadaisically reporting late for duty.   He lacks some morality when it comes to others and doesn’t see why Given’s feels so much for people who have invaded the company who they were hired to protect. 

Viral Characteristics:

Terry’s power is to control sand.   He is unable to create sand and must keep sand around him at all times.  He does this by maintaining a layer of sand around his body which he keeps as hard as possible acting like body armor.  He is able to pull from this layer and form items like spears, spikes or dagger like shapes that he can “shoot” when he desires.  He can also move the sand to different areas to increase the protection in that area for example creating a shield like plate with his arm as the center in order to protect his face and chest.  The sand for this would come from his legs.  He is also moderately adept at hand to hand combat.