Issue 2

Power and perceptions of power in society are at the core of this issue as we continue to explore and learn more about Michael Swaj. What lengths will he go to in order to protect his secrets and save his city from threats?   

This issue introduces us to Kyle Richardson, a victim of his own altruism, who learned that some secrets are best left hidden. When finally freed from his imprisonment will he choose freedom or vengeance? Will his ultimate choice bring him into conflict with Givens?

We learn more about the man known as Reverend, the magnanimous benefactor of a small church seeking to help humans and Virals alike. We find out just how the mutations that come along with being Viral threatens young Wendy Peters’ life and are introduced to Marla Latimer Wendy’s  surrogate mother and the love of Nathan's life.

We’ll learn more about Dominick Andrews and his connection with the strange man calling himself Evan.

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